Long-Tail Keywords Can Benefit Your Website

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Most small business owners understand at least the very basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when developing their website, and that the idea of keyword generation is to pull in as much website traffic as possible. However, in the effort to cast the widest net with keyword strategy, many small businesses ignore the advantages of long-tail keywords. The phrase ‘long-tail keyword’ refers to an uncommon or infrequently searched keyword, typically with two or more words in the phrase.

There are many studies showing that the longer a keyword is, the fewer impressions you will get as a business in search results. These stats may be enough to discourage business owners from creating long-tail keywords, but it is important to consider the benefits. As an example, let’s say that you run a software company. Using a common keyword in your strategy, such as ‘software,’ will yield highly competitive search results, and be very difficult for your website to rank highly, especially if you are a small business. If you get more specific about what your business offers, such as ‘enterprise human resources management software,’ there will be significantly less competition in search rankings.

It comes down to a simple trade-off. Using a more specific keyword will yield much fewer search results, but your website will be ranked higher, and could very well increase traffic in the long run. With that said, there is no reason not to include all keyword types into your strategy – both long and short. By ignoring long-tail keywords completely, you are leaving out a sizable portion of qualified searchers.

While considering a possible overhaul in your keyword strategy, it is important to consider that long-tail keywords can be beneficial from both a standard SEO perspective, as well as with pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. It can be a lucrative tactic to target a PPC advertisement for your business with a longer key phrase. Just like with the basic search results, less people will see the ad, but those that see it will be more likely to click through to your website.

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