Losing the Remote is O.K. with Google Fiber iPad App

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Google recently announced intentions to bring its Internet offering to Provo, Utah – just shortly after noting it’d become available in Austin, Texas as well.

Google Fiber is super fast as the company maintains that it’s “100 times faster than today’s broadband.”

The tech giant, meanwhile, has also made sure to include mobile and tablet integration with the service. Google recently launched a TV App for the iPad following its availability on Android.

“For the past month, our Fiber TV customers have been able to control their TVs with any recent Android device. Using the Fiber TV app from the Google Play Store, they can search for programming, browse listings, and select shows or recordings with just the touch or swipe of a finger. Now, iPad users can enjoy this simple, intuitive experience, too,” stated the company via its Fiber blog.

Fiber was originally launched in the Kansas City market.