Madden 25: Features to Expect with Game’s 14th Release

Source: EA Sports

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – NFL superstar Adrian Peterson won’t have to worry about any Madden curse come next year. Why? He’s not featured on the cover.

Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders edged 2013’s NFL MVP out in voting, marking a year in which the popular video game series turns 25.

So what can gamers expect with this year’s unique launch? While many details remain unknown, here’s what information is available:

-New Moves: There’s no surprise here, really. EA has noted 30 new moves will be featured via what the company describes as an “all-new precision modifier.”

-Madden Share: Although EA won’t detail this more until Jun 24th, we anticipate this could have to do with social.

-Force Impact System: This feature relies on Infinity Engine 2, giving gamers higher potential to affect a play’s outcome with moves including Tuck, Hit Stick and Drive Tackle.

-Connected Franchise (EA says it will provide more details on this come May 6th and 20th).