Madden NFL 25: EA Looks Into Freeze Ups & Issues Workaround

Madden NFL 25: EA Looks Into Freeze Ups, Issues Workaround(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Madden NFL 25 arrived on Tuesday, marking the latest game release in the popular football gaming franchise for developer EA Sports.

And while anticipation was super high, the game was off to a rocky start for some fans. According to a number of reports made via the EA Sports Answer HQ, some players faced freeze ups as they attempted to play the title.

“We are aware some users are experiencing intermittent freezing issues while playing Madden NFL 25. Our team is investigating the cause and is working on a resolution so that we can get everyone back into the game. Thank you for your patience, and for supporting EA Sports!” commented EA in an official statement regarding the issue, according to the International Digital Times.

Meanwhile, to temporarily address the problem, the company described a solution users can take to alleviate the problem. Below you can view the steps EA community manager eachems detailed through the EA Sports Answer HQ:

“1) [IMPORTANT] Make sure your Madden 25 is fully up to date: with the latest update installed. 

2) Quit the game, and go to the dashboard

3) Disable your console’s Internet connexion (for example, by unplugging your ethernet cable or turn off your router)

4) Start Madden NFL 25

5) Start an Exhibition Game

6) After the kickoff, pause the game. Then, try reconnecting to the internet and sign into your profile.

7) Quit the exhibition game and access normal play”

Needles to say, judging from the reactions on the forums, many EA gamers weren’t content with the workaround steps. Sometime later on, we’d fully expect the developer to issue an update/patch to directly address the issue.

Madden NFL 25 is currently available for consoles including the Xbox 360 and PS3. Meanwhile, the game is expected to launch for the PS4 and Xbox One sometime in November.