Madden NFL All-25 Team Adds Michael Vick at QB

Madden NFL All-25 Team Adds Michael Vick at QB(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Eagles quarterback Michael Vick may be battling for a starting role in Philadelphia this year, but that doesn’t mean his spot isn’t secure on another team: The Madden NFL All-25.

EA Sports announced Vick’s inclusion recently via its website, stating, “In Madden 2004, it was almost unfair to use Michael Vick. His speed was unmatched and now he makes his way to the All-25 team to run wild in Madden NFL 25.”

The game developer has slowly been rolling out the lineup set to be used for Madden 25’s “Play Now” mode. Other players for the team will include RB Marshall Faulk, DE Julius Peppers, FB Mike Alstott, safety Brian Dawkins, DE Dwight Freeney and free safety Sean Taylor.

Madden NFL 25 will be released on August 27th for platforms including Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Next gen console availability is set to hit the Xbox One and PS4 sometime in November.