MailChannels Announces SMTP Relay, the Easiest and Fastest Solution to resolve IP Blacklisting Issues

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – MailChannels, the leading provider of outbound anti-spam technology, announced the launch of SMTP Relay, the cloud-based mail relay service designed to instantly fix outbound email delivery problems caused by hacked accounts and spammers. MailChannels SMTP Relay takes just five minutes to set up and offers an easy to use control panel with powerful management features such as automated abuse handling and notifications.

Most outbound anti-spam solutions are really just inbound spam filters used in reverse. Inbound filters don’t work well on outbound spam because attacks in the outbound direction often target parts of the Internet which are not well covered by inbound filtering intelligence. With MailChannels SMTP Relay, big data sender behavior analysis identifies and blocks SMTP traffic from hacked accounts, scripts and systems. Your clean email is then reliably delivered to its destination from thousands of carefully managed MailChannels IPs to ISPs worldwide. Outbound sender intelligence from thousands of sending networks is aggregated and mined to quickly identify and stop spammers.

As a cloud-based solution, SMTP Relay can tackle the problem with the most current technology that is quick and easy to use. The service can be used both as a reactive solution after the attack has occurred as well as proactive solution, protecting your servers in advance. With SMTP Relay, web hosts can ensure reliable SMTP delivery and improve customer satisfaction.

“We previously faced frequent mail blacklistings of our servers due to spam activity on customer accounts. This required a lot of staff time to find the spam content, contact blacklisting companies and de-list our servers and customers were understandably upset due to unreliable mail delivery during that process,” said Graham McMillan, CTO of Site5. “With SMTP Relay, MailChannels now handles that for us and we don’t have to worry about getting blacklisted anymore. Mail deliverability has improved dramatically and we now use SMTP relay on all of our servers.”

“It’s about reliable email delivery,” said Ken Simpson, co-founder and CEO at MailChannels. “We’ve been in this business for years and we know how much trouble a spammer can cause so it was important to us to develop a product that could be used proactively but also deployed quickly and with minimal effort. SMTP Relay is that product.”

MailChannels SMTP Relay features include:

●      Easy integration: The cloud-based technology is up and running in just five minutes.

●      Reliable email delivery: Outbound mail traffic automatically filtered to remove spam and reduce IP blacklisting.

●      Compromised account detection: Receive proactive alerts of hacked accounts and reduce time spent on slow, complex de-listing processes.

●      Powerful analytics: Troubleshoot in real-time with fast log search functionality.

If you are attending WorldHostingDay 2015 in Rust, Germany from March 24-26, 2015, please join us at booth F14 for a demo of MailChannels SMTP Relay or visit

About MailChannels:

For nearly a decade, MailChannels has been the leading provider of outbound anti-spam and reliable email delivery technology. The company improves the reliability of email delivery for shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS & cloud hosting companies and enterprise companies struggling with IP blacklisting and spam issues. Leading web hosting brands like Site5 and eNom use MailChannels SMTP Relay to reliably deliver email for their customers. A cloud-based service, SMTP Relay analyzes outgoing email using behaviour analysis and big data analytics to identify spammers and block their traffic, reliably delivering clean email to recipients.

MailChannels is an active member of the Messaging, Malware, and Mobile Anti-abuse Working Group (M3AAWG) and Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition).