MailChimp Launches Joomlamailer

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – MailChimp today announced the launch of Joomlamailer, a new integration for the popular Joomla! platform. With this new integration, Joomla! users can manage their MailChimp lists, create campaigns and manage reports all from the comfort of their Joomla! dashboard. This is the first extensive integration with a CMS essentially replicating most of the MailChimp web-based features in a 3rd party site.

Joomla! is one of the internet’s most popular content management systems, powering almost 2.7% of all websites today. It’s a flexible, open source digital publishing solution, that requires no advanced technical knowledge to implement or operate. It’s free to install and is easily tweaked to meet individual needs through its thousands of third party applications or via its developer-friendly framework.

The fourth graduate of MailChimp’s Integration Fund, Joomlamailer was spearheaded by, with support from Standingcloud, Simplweb, Jomsocial, and Joomlashack University. The integration can be downloaded here: The site also includes helpful tutorial videos.

Joomlamailer allows users to access an array of MailChimp’s tools and abilities within the Joomla! interface. They can design or import their own templates, easily handle subscriptions and registrations across platforms, manage and import lists across platforms, re-appropriate site content for e-mail use, create and track campaigns, and then easily check MailChimp campaign reports. Joomlamailer also includes MailChimp’s Analytics360 plugin, originally developed for WordPress, which cleanly displays Google Analytics and MailChimp analysis within users’ Joomla! install. Joomlamailer features a multitude of third-party integrations of its own, including SugarCRM, Highrise, K2, and Jomsocial, giving users a breadth of options for the expansion and customization of the Joomla! and MailChimp e-mail marketing process.