Making Your SEO Strategy a Continuous Effort

Making Your SEO Strategy a Continuous Effort(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – As you develop your business website for the first time, there are a number of areas to consider for search engine optimization (SEO): header text, meta-tags, keywords, etc. Every part of the initial SEO plan is equally important, but it is necessary to consider SEO as an ongoing element to your website strategy, and not just a “once-and-done” aspect. For your site to remain successful in search engine results, SEO is something that should be periodically tailored and customized for any changes that may happen in your business or industry. Today we will discuss a few reasons why your SEO strategy might need to be altered in the future.

Changes in the Company

Every business eventually sees a shift with regards to their place in the market. Changes happen all the time that can affect the operations of your company, such as new products targeting new demographics. When you first set up your website and its SEO plan, your keyword focus may have been on a particular product line or a specific industry that your business served. As time goes on, however, your business could possibly introduce new products, serve new industries, or even have entirely new branding. Because of these changes, your SEO strategy needs to adapt.

For a further example, imagine if your keywords only support Product X, because that was the main focus of the business at the time you developed the website. As time went on, your company now provides Product X, Y, and Z. If the SEO strategy has never been updated, you are missing out on capturing the wider audience for products Y and Z.

Changes in Search Engine Algorithms

One of the frustrations for business owners is that they have no control over how search engines truly work. They can do their best to adapt their website to be as “searchable” as possible, but it ultimately depends on the algorithms used by the search engines (and each one is slightly different).

Occasionally, these algorithms are adjusted by sites like Google or Yahoo, which can have effects on the best practices for SEO. This situation might be more rare than others, but it is still important to consider.

Changing Search Behavior

Initially, what may have been your website’s most successful keywords can decrease in effectiveness down the road. This is due to the changing behavior of the search engine users. Certain keywords and phrases that are popular at the time you set up your SEO strategy could be used less today. If the volume of people searching for those terms decreases, so does your traffic.

Conversely, you may have established a very specific set of keywords that attracted a small, yet crucial audience. If those terms become more commonplace, your specialized niche of customers that you were pulling in could be lost among the larger volume of websites using the same keywords.

Because of both of those scenarios, it is essential that you continue to conduct keyword research on an ongoing basis. As the search environment changes, so should your SEO keyword strategy.

Behavior on the Site

When you first developed the SEO strategy for your business, you may have had a well-thought out plan based on prior research of customer behavior. No matter how appropriate the strategy was at the time, it’s not out of the ordinary that the eventual behavior of visitors to your website shows something different. In other words, you could have decided to focus a lot of your keywords around one aspect of your business and website, but the analytics show that customers are more interested in something else.

Web analytics refers to data you can examine to evaluate how website visitors are behaving. You can learn what they searched for to get to your site, where they go once they are on your site, and how long they stay. This information is invaluable for adjusting your SEO strategy, as the information can be used to determine what customers are most interested in. It can be difficult to predict what your audience will be interested in from the start, so it is important to revisit your SEO strategy after taking a look at the website analytics.

Every business owner should consider these reasons for staying on top of their SEO plan. Just like with any other aspect of the business world, SEO is something that should be monitored and adjusted on a regular basis to achieve the most success.

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