Manage Your Servers From Anywhere

(Ping! Zine) – SingleHop’s seminar on day 2 of HostingCon 2010 focussed on the importance of mobile access in today and tomorrow’s hosting industry.  We are talking iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.  This is not simply a focus on the device, but the idea of being in control of your business.  As a hosting company, you need to be in control no matter where you are.  Your clients also need to be in control.  SingleHop posed the question – how great are your mobile tools?

Daniel and Jim of Singlehop focused on 4 main types of mobile controls:  Mobile Adaptable Websites, Desktop Widgets, Browser Add-ons (think of Google Toolbar with Pagerank features), and Mobile (iPhone and Android widgets/applications).  Each type of control system presents its own cost of entry, level of ease to integrate, and functional usefullness.  Having a mobile adaptable website is a must in this day and age, but we all know that trouble rarely strikes at your (or your customer’s) convenience so each tool not only increases customer loyalty, but also decreases your own operational costs.  The idea being that the more your clients have control, the more automation exists, and the less time and money is necessary to spend supporting your clients.  The world is certainly full of control freaks.  SingleHop calls it “datacenter grade” control.  The goal is to give your clients as much access as the techs at the datacenter have.

They examined the advantages to each:

Mobile-adaptable sites:  Least expensive, most dynamic

Mobile apps/widgets:  Expensive, but increased ease of use.

Desktop programs:  Useful for volume users.  Shave the time it takes for large clients to control their servers.

Browser add-on:  More flash than functional.  If you are using a web browser, why not browse to a webpage?  However, browser add-ons and toolbars are still unique and can set your hosting company apart.

SingleHop presented their proprietary product, LEAP and mentioned their mobile website,  Everything is cross-platform compatible – Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, WebOs, and of course iPhone.  It allows clients to file tickets, reboot, update configurations, manage RDNS, setup Firewall rules, manage bandwidth, run hardware checks, and allocate IPs.  LEAP also has an in-depth API with cPanel and other control panel integration.  To summarize, they called the API “dyanmic and expandable”.

So what did I take out of the seminar as the owner of a competing hosting company?  It did open my eyes to the fact that the world is becoming increasingly mobile and it is just another example of evolution in this industry that may leave you in the dust if you can’t keep up!

Presented by: Daniel Salcedo, Jim Tremmel – Singlehop
Written by Evan Kamlet –