Managed Admin SEO Hosting Platform Is Now 10,000 Sites Strong And Growing

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – The founders of Managed Admin, a top-notch internet marketing firm, are pleased to announce that their Managed Admin SEO hosting platform has reached a remarkable milestone. The hosting platform is now 10,000 sites strong and growing.

As a spokesperson for Managed Admin noted, what makes this achievement especially impressive is that the hosting platform was just launched in January of this year.

“Thanks to this remarkable growth and user feedback we’ve been able to add some great features that improve functionality and ease-of-use,” noted the company spokesperson, adding that these include WordPress re-installation, push button password resets, content push, additional data tracking features, improved IP and project management and even greater IP diversity.

According to an article on the Managed Admin’s website,, the company’s founders actually built the hosting and SEO manager for themselves, but then decided to share it with the SEO community. In addition to allowing users to add domains in bulk, the SEO hosting platform also assigns the domains to a clean and unique c-class IP. These IP’s are spread across more than 50 data centers worldwide as well as hosting companies, and people can manage them all from one user-friendly interface. In addition, the SEO hosting platform from Managed Admin is exceptionally reliable.

“When looking for an SEO web host solution it’s important to find one that minimizes your server downtime and has consistent uptime with all global connections,” the company spokesperson said, adding that with Managed Admin’s data centers, people can rest assured that their sites won’t experience downtime.

“Worldwide data centers means you’ll have optimum routing and speed. These are critical factors in ensuring that your SEO websites are optimized for the best possible rankings.”

Anybody who would like more information about Managed Admin is welcome to visit the company’s website; there, they can read about the SEO hosting platform and its many innovative features.

About Managed Admin:

Managed Admin is an internet marketing firm founded in October of 2012. As a company focused on growing ROI for small businesses they offer SEO services without a contract. They believe that offering quality results will keep their clients committed. Managed Admin also offers a range of products and services for companies that manage some or all of their organization’s marketing. Their offerings include: Google Apps for Work, SEO Domains, SEO Admin, and SEO Hosting. For more information, please visit