Mantaro launches MantaroBot™ TeleMe 2 and Microsoft Surface™ Pro 3 holder

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Mantaro has announced that it is now shipping the new MantaroBot TeleMe 2 telepresence robot and a new holder for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 12” tablet. The TeleMe 2 is the second generation of the MantaroBot TeleMe series of telepresence robots. The TeleMe 2 features upgraded electronics and drivetrain that provides nearly silent operation and smooth control. In addition to options available with the original TeleMe (charging docking station, laser pointer, 180 degree panning mast, Multi-WiFi radios), the TeleMe 2 supports a new 360 degree panning mast allowing viewing all around the robot and user controlled LED headlights on the base allowing driving around unlit rooms or corridors. The TeleMe 2 base also supports charging higher power tablets such as the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.  The TeleMe 2 can be ordered with tablet holders for a variety of tablets including the iPad, Samsung Galaxy TAB, and Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Holders for other tablets are available upon request.

The new Surface Pro 3 holder allows a powerful Microsoft Windows tablet computer to be used as the “head” of the TeleMe 2 allowing the user to see, hear, be seen and be heard. “The ability to use a professional tablet such as the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in an IT approved work environment has been a request from customers for quite some time. With the release of the new TeleMe 2 telepresence robot, we are pleased to support the higher powered Microsoft Windows tablets to satisfy customer requests,” says CEO, Jeremy Parsons. The holder can tilt and pan the Surface Pro for optimal viewing and will also charge the Surface Pro 3 while docked in the charging station allowing for independent operation.

The holders for the TeleMe 2 can be optioned with an aimable laser pointer, Bluetooth amplified speakers for noisy environments, and/or user controlled LED headlights on the holder itself. In addition, the Surface Pro 3 holder comes standard with an accessible USB 3.0 port that is extended from the side of the tablet to the bottom of the holder allowing USB peripherals such as the ASUS XTION depth sensor to be easily connected. This configuration is ideal for educational settings where the TeleMe 2 can be used to experiment with autonomous navigation.

MantaroBot Telepresence robots are used in business, factory, financial, educational, healthcare and eldercare settings to allow remote users to quickly visit these locations and interact with the people there without the need for physical travel. The TeleMe series uses tablet computers for the audio visual (AV) interface and allows use of tablet compatible AV software such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Polycom RealPresence, Cisco Jabber, GotoMeeting, etc. to converse and interact with the remote parties.

You can sign up for a no obligation test drive of the TeleMe 2 on the website.  Additional information about the MantaroBots is available at or by calling 301 528 2244 and selecting Option #2.


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