Marijuana Breathalyzer Prototype Coming Early 2015

Marijuana Breathalyzer Prototype Coming Early 2015(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Researchers at Washington State University are developing a new kind of breathalyzer to aid law enforcement in detecting whether a driver is under the influence of marijuana.

According to TechTimes, the test will be able to identify if THC is present, though the detector will not be able to determine exact levels of the substance.

This will specifically help officers in Colorado and Washington State, where marijuana is legal, as blood tests take up to 24 hours to process. Though this substance is legal in certain states, it is still against the law to drive with five or more nanograms of THC in blood.

“We believe, at least initially, that it would lower the false positives that an officer would have,” stated WSU chemistry professor Hebert Hill. “They would have a higher level of confidence in making an arrest.”

On Colorado’s Department of Transportation website it states that marijuana affects many human instincts such as short-term memory, perception of time, and concentration, making it just as dangerous to drive under the influence as alcohol.

“Getting high behind the wheel of a car will get you arrested for a DUI- this law hasn’t changed with the legalization of marijuana in January 2014.”

Researchers will begin testing the breathalyzer sometime next year.