‘Mario & Luigi Dream Team’ for Nintendo 3DS Launching Aug 11

3DS: Nintendo Readies ‘Mario & Luigi Dream Team’ for Aug 11(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – With the launch of Mario & Luigi Dream Team for 3DS, Nintendo is marching on with what it’s dubbed the “Year of Luigi.”

Set for release this Sunday, August 11th, the game brings players inside the brain of Luigi as they see his dreams and fight a mysterious villain in a battle to save Pi’illo Island.

“Using the touch screen on the Nintendo 3DS system, players can manipulate a sleeping Luigi to make fantastical things happen in the dream world, such as altering the dream world environment and growing Luigi to gargantuan size. In his dreams, Luigi also has amazing powers called Luiginary Attacks, such as spawning hundreds of Luigis to form towers, giant hammers and wrecking balls to do battle with a host of nightmares,” explained Nintendo via a press release on Thursday.

Nintendo previously detailed the “Year of Luigi” in February via a Direct event, highlighting other Luigi-based game releases like Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and New Super Luigi U, an expansion pack for New Super Mario Bros.