Mass Production Begins on Apple’s iPad Mini

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The market could be inching a step closer to the rumored iPad Mini. On Wednesday, a report from the Wall Street Journal signaled that Apple suppliers had started to manufacture the device in mass production.

Specifically in the works are LCD screens that will cover the device’s 7.85 inch frame from Asian-based production companies LG and AU Optronics.

Apple rolled out its first generation iPad in 2010. Later releases have seen the device staying true to its original layout, continuing with a 9.7 inch screen. However, the rumored iPad mini breaks that standard, helping Apple compete with other low end tablet makers including Amazon (Kindle Fire) and Google (Nexus 7).

The new device could also appeal to people who love the Apple design but don’t necessarily like the heftiness of the current iPad.

“Many people use the iPad to play games and watch videos, but they cannot hold it with one hand,” commented Daiwa Capital Markets analyst Christine Wang in the Journal’s report.

The Cupertino tech giant has remained busy as of late, last month releasing its iPhone 5 device. Interesting enough, that release expands the iPhone’s screen size while an iPad mini would do the opposite to Apple’s tablet line.