Massive Hack Shows How Users Create To Simple of Passwords

lockPZ(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Users are making it very easy for unwanted hackers to access their personal information.

Earlier this week, CNN reported that cybersecurity firm, Trustwave, had located a server in the Netherlands that had “compromised credentials” for over 93,000 websites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Twitter, and ADP.

Over 2 million usernames and passwords were stolen by a keylogging software that was installed on an unknown number of computers around the world, continues the report. A virus was able to access personal computers and route information through a proxy server, but it is still unknown how so many computers were infected.

This massive data breach shows that users are making it very easy for their accounts to be broken into due to the simplicity of their passwords.

According to the LA Times, the most commonly used passwords were “123456”, “123456789”, and “12345”.

Here are some tips provided by the LA Times that can be used to create more efficient passwords.

  • Use capital and lowercase letters
  • Use letters and numbers
  • Use words not found in the dictionary. For example, instead of “apple” go with “aapl”
  • Replace letters like “O” and “E” with numbers like “0” and “3”
  • Use long passwords