Meet GALAXY Mega, Samsung’s Largest Phone

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – It’s a big, big galaxy, and for Samsung, things just got a heck of a lot larger. On Thursday, the company unveiled GALAXY Mega.

With a 6.3-inch HD screen, the device is Samsung’s largest to date. Get this: It’s also only slightly smaller than the company’s Galaxy 2 tab which measures in at 7-inches.

Meanwhile, in a press release, Samsung Electronics CEO  of the company’s IT & Mobile Business JK Shin discussed the prospect of an expanded size. “We are aware of a great potential in the bigger screen for extensive viewing multimedia, web browsing, and more,” Shin noted.

“We are excited to provide another choice to meet our consumers’ varying lifestyles, all while maintaining the high-quality features of the award-winning GALAXY series,” Shin continued.

The phone itself looks a lot to us like a larger Galaxy S3 but features some cool new things including Group Play (content share), Samsung Link (streaming), ChatON (screen share), S Translator (instant translation) and Samsung WatchON (turns phone into a TV remote).

As for tech specs, the device features a 1.7GHz Dual Core AP processor along with 8 and 16 GB memory options. A 5.8” version of the device is also in the mix. The phone’s rollout will begin in Europe and Russia.