Megaupload Evidence Can be Used to Fight Extradition

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A major breakthrough in the case of shutdown file sharing site Megaupload was made public on Wednesday. According to a BBC report, representatives for Kim Dotcom were given the right to view U.S. authorities’ evidence against the Megaupload founder.

Kim Dotcom is currently residing in New Zealand and is fighting a requested extradition to the United States where he faces charges related to copyright infringement and money laundering due to his involvement with the site.

The evidence request was approved by New Zealand District Court Judge David Harvey. The material is expected to be used by Dotcom’s lawyers to fight the extradition.

Megaupload was seized by U.S. authorities in January. Following the instance, notorious hacking group Anonymous was reported to express its displeasure by successfully causing downtime to a number of government websites. The U.S. Justice Department has accused Kim Dotcom and other suspects of making more than $175 million dollars in illegal profits.

Operators of the file sharing site have vigorously defended themselves against the charges. “Many of the allegations made are similar to those in the copyright case filed against YouTube and that was a civil case….and YouTube won,” explained Kim Dotcom lawyer Ira Rothken in a CNET report earlier this year.