Microsoft Adds Storage Options to Cloud Solution SkyDrive

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – More storage options are now available via Microsoft cloud solution SkyDrive. At a price, the move allows users to store more in addition to the already free 7GB previously provided for.

The move was announced by Microsoft Windows and Windows Live President Steven Sinofsky via the Building Windows 8 blog on Monday. “There are new storage options, apps that connect your devices to SkyDrive, and a more powerful device cloud that lets you “fetch” any file from a Windows PC,” commented Sinofsky in the post.

Three paid storage offerings include 20GB, 50GB and 100GB. Pricing is between $10 dollars and $50 dollars on a yearly basis. The move comes as Microsoft released a new preview of the platform for the Windows desktop.

Along with the storage options, other changes to the platform include new management features for SkyDrive apps on mobile devices including Windows Phone and iOS, new access of files by visiting and more.

Microsoft previously rolled out a metro preview version of SkyDrive in February for the company’s Windows 8 consumer preview. For more information regarding the matter, view a press release by Microsoft here (