Microsoft Debuts ‘Surface’ Tablet

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Microsoft somewhat broke tradition on Monday, announcing a move that marked the company’s most significant hardware venture to date. During an event in Los Angeles attended by company CEO Steve Ballmer, the tech innovator unveiled its Surface line of tablet computers, tech devices that showcase the provider’s upcoming sleek metro-styled operating systems (Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT).

Using an integrated kickstand along with a cover that turns into a keyboard, the device itself appears to emphasize interchangeability as either a handheld tablet or a laptop setup.

“Conceived, designed and engineered entirely by Microsoft employees, and building on the company’s 30-year history manufacturing hardware, Surface is designed to seamlessly transition between consumption and creation, without compromise,” stated a press release from Microsoft.

Two versions of the device will be released, one relying on Windows RT featuring an ARM processor while the other uses Windows 8 Pro powered by an Intel Core processor. The keyboard covers come in a variety of colors, an offering that kind of reminds us at Ping! Zine of Apple’s iMac G3 product push in the late 1990s.

Another primary feature of the product includes a technology called VaporMg, meaning the case it partly designed from magnesium, allowing it to be significantly thinner in design.

Microsoft has increasingly looked to up its game in a tablet market currently dominated by Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. The company’s upcoming release of Windows 8 is more geared towards touchscreen interfaces (hence the metro-style).

Pricing and a release date has yet to be unveiled. Microsoft typically produces software-only, although the company previously toyed with the idea of releasing a two screen tablet device sometime in 2010, according to a report from CNET. So will Microsoft’s tablet offering be a change changer? Only its eventual release will tell.