Microsoft Hits at Google Over Safari Cookies

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Has Google been taking advantage of Apple’s Safari web browser to track users’ browsing activities for the sake of advertising?

According to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, Safari users relying on Google’s search engine received tracking cookies from Google, an accusation that Google Senior VP of Communications Rachel Whetstone called mischaracterized in a statement to IDG News Service

However, Microsoft wasted no time and attempted to take advantage of the situation by slamming Google in a blog post from Internet Explorer Business and Marketing GM Ryan Gavin on Friday.

“This type of tracking by Google is not new.  The novelty here is that Google apparently circumvented the privacy protections built into Apple’s Safari browser in a deliberate, and ultimately, successful fashion,” stated Gavin.

Meanwhile, Gavin highlighted Microsoft’s web browser Internet Explorer and why it should be considered secure. Gavin stated, “Windows Internet Explorer is the browser that respects your privacy.  Through unique built in features like Tracking Protection and other privacy features in IE9, you are in control of who is tracking your actions online.  Not Google.  Not advertisers.  Just you.” Despite the matter, Google’s Rachel Whetstone signaled to IDG News Service that Google was working on removing the cookies from Safari. For more information on the matter, view the blog post by Ryan Gavin here (