Microsoft Investors Pushing for Bill Gates’ Ouster as Chairman

Microsoft Investors Pushing for Bill Gates' Ouster as Chairman(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Is Microsoft about to undergo a radical transformation? Well, according to a Reuters report on Tuesday, 3 major investors in the tech giant are pushing the company’s board to drop Bill Gates as Chairman.

If successful, Gate’s departure would practically coincide with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s exit from the company.

Bill Gates is currently Microsoft’s largest individual shareholder, according to the report. Despite the push, both Gates and Ballmer are reported to be seeking re-election to the Microsoft Board of Directors.

Making an argument for Gate’s departure, Mark Hachman of PC World cited Gate’s philanthropic efforts, noting they were “more important” and that he had ultimately moved on from the software world.

“What’s more, Microsoft’s shareholders and customers deserve a board that’s fully engaged with the company’s challenges. Yes, a board only formally meets once a month, if that. But Microsoft’s footing is more precarious than it’s ever been. Could a focused Gates help steer the ship? Absolutely. But with his philanthropic foundation hanging over his head? I’m not so sure. At the very least, Gates himself may have to answer some tough questions,” stated Hachman via the report.

In recent years, Microsoft has struggled with its Windows 8 and Phone offerings.

Gates previously stepped down as Microsoft CEO in 2000 and is currently involved in the search for a new one. Ballmer, meanwhile, will step down from the company’s top spot sometime within the next 12 months.