Microsoft Issues Google a Challenge: ‘Bing It On!’

(Ping! Zine Daily News) – Bing it on! That was the message Microsoft taunted online search giant Google with by unveiling, a web presence allowing users to compare search results for both Bing and Google side by side.

An interface asks visitors to enter search terms then identify which search results they prefer. After a few rounds, the site reveals exactly which search engine the user prefers. “People chose Bing web search results over Google nearly 2 to 1 in blind comparison tests,” claims the site.

Microsoft launched its Bing search engine in 2009 and has worked to up its performance by cutting deals with sometimes competitor Yahoo!, also a rival to Google.

“When we previewed our side-by-side test results with people outside the company, I was often asked how we were able to make these gains with presumably less data than the other guys. While there are too many variables to give a fully scientific explanation, I would say our long-term commitment and investment in machine learning for relevance has enabled us to steadily scale out relevance experimentation and make rapid progress,” commented Bing R&D Corporate VP Harry Shum in a blog post. Meanwhile, Microsoft is promoting the issue with advertisements appearing on the Internet and TV, according to a report.