Microsoft: Misconfigured Device Caused Azure Downtime

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) –Microsoft’s Windows Azure came crashing down last Thursday in Europe, sparking trouble for clients relying on the key cloud service.

The downtime ensued for 2.5 hours before things returned to normal activity. The next day (Friday), Microsoft GM Mike Neil of Windows Azure provided critical insight regarding exactly what caused the outage, laying the blame on a “misconfigured network device.”

Microsoft said the result was that the improperly configured component “disrupted traffic to one cluster in our West Europe sub-region.”

“Once a set device limit for external connections was reached, it triggered previously unknown issues in another network device within that cluster, which further complicated network management and recovery,” the Windows Azure GM’s statement continued.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is expected to unveil a more in-depth report regarding the outage sometime this week.

The popular Windows maker houses data center facilities in European locations including Dublin and Amsterdam. Windows Azure is often described as a competitor to Amazon’s EC2 platform. Its services pertain to PaaS, virtual machines, website scaling and more.