Microsoft Pledges Carbon Neutrality, Institutes Charge-Back

(Ping! Zine) – Data centers provided for in tech giant Microsoft’s infrastructure could become a lot more environmentally friendly come the first of July. On Tuesday, the company announced its plan to become fully carbon neutral by that date.

To help itself with the goal, Microsoft has an interesting way of instituting what it referred to as an “economic incentive” within its network. The tech giant plans to fine company entities for going above carbon standards.

“We recognize that we are not the first company to commit to carbon neutrality, but we are hopeful that our decision will encourage other companies large and small to look at what they can do to address this important issue,” stated a blog post via

Meanwhile, the company referenced some other initiatives it had recently undertaken to commit to cleaner energy. One included a “smarter buildings pilot,” allowing the tech giant to construct more efficient buildings. Microsoft has also added a data app from CarbonSystems to better monitor its emissions.

Last month, environmental awareness organization Greenpeace graded top companies on data center cleanliness in a whitepaper titled “How Clean is Your Cloud?” Regarding Microsoft, Greenpeace stated, “With the company’s growing infrastructure and GHG emissions, a more detailed plan must include the prioritization of installed and purchased renewable energy from the grid.”