Microsoft Reseller on Surface Strategy: “It’s Insanity”

Microsoft Reseller on Surface Strategy: “It’s Insanity!”(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Microsoft’s Surface tablet probably hasn’t sold as well as the Windows-maker would like. Some, meanwhile, have blamed the company’s reseller strategy.

Microsoft initially made the Surface available online and through its select retail stores only, instead of opting to let smaller partners sell the device. And while the company has since expanded availability, it seems like the original strategy could be coming back to haunt Microsoft.

According to a report from Business Insider, during the company’s recent Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner told resellers this: “You should feel free to use our store as an extension to your office.”

Turner continued, “Bring your customers there.”

The words weren’t taken too kindly by one reseller in particular who lashed back at Turner’s remarks. “Really? Hey guys, let’s bring our customers in and tell them, ‘Look at all of this cool stuff. By the way, you can’t buy any of it from us.’ What? It’s insanity,” responded Bob Venero, CEO of Future Tech via Business Insider’s report.

Just earlier this month, Microsoft cut the pricing on its Surface RT tablets by a reported price of $150.