Microsoft Settles with Web Host that Harbored ‘Nitol Botnet’

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A web hosting company once held responsible for harboring domains related to the notorious Nitol botnet is pledging to help Microsoft diffuse online problems, the BBC reported on Friday. once carried seventy thousand web domains deemed “malicious,” Microsoft maintained. However, the web host’s owner, Peng Yong has indicated he’ll assist the company in turning things around.

Microsoft initially discovered the erroneous websites when examining “unsecure supply chains.” That resulted in the company filing to obtain the subdomains from The web host offers services such as domain registration, cloud hosting and VPS.

The agreement could significantly tamper down on web generated problems with Microsoft noting a settlement with the web host would “guarantee that the 70,000 malicious subdomains associated with will never again be used for cybercrime.”

Provisions of the agreement require to block connections to the malicious subdomains and help Microsoft identify the owners, among other actions. Microsoft initially announced its takedown of Nitol in September.