Microsoft Tablets Temporary? Acer Founder Believes So

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Microsoft’s hardware entrance into the tablet market could just be temporary, contended Acer Founder Stan Shih, according to a report published by on Wednesday.

Why just a temporary push? “Microsoft hopes that marketing its own-brand tablet PCs will encourage vendors to offer Windows 8 tablet PCs and thereby help expand market demand for the product line,” said the Acer founder in’s report.

Following that part of the strategy, Shih contended the popular Windows maker would “not offer more models.”

Microsoft’s announcement of its Surface tablet resulted in a large amount of media excitement late Monday. The product itself provides a kickstand, a cover that turns into a keyboard and will run of different versions of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 and Windows RT operating systems.

However, Microsoft hardware partners shouldn’t necessarily lose out from Microsoft offering its own device. “Vendors adopting Windows 8 should interpret Microsoft’s intentions positively, as they will benefit from Microsoft’s marketing,” Shih contended.

Such a possible strategy by Microsoft could be reminiscent of Google’s marketing of Nexus Android devices, noted CNET in a report. The Windows maker has typically produced software only aside from releases of keyboards, mice and other small electronic appliances. The company’s upcoming release of Windows 8 features a metro-style suited for touchscreen devices.