Microsoft Talks Apps, SkyDrive

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Apps involving the use of Microsoft’s SkyDrive made up the latest discussion on Microsoft’s Building Windows 8 blog.

Commenting in the introduction of the blog post, Microsoft President of Windows and Windows Live Division Steven Sinofsky stated, “While apps get some amount of “automatic usage” of SkyDrive to roam settings, and the apps themselves roam, we know developers are anxious to make it easy for customers of their applications to have data they create roam easily across devices.”

SkyDrive Devices and Roaming team group program manager Mike Torres went on to discuss the issue of app sharing via Windows 8. Torres specifically pointed to two issues facing developers. Signing in and signing up was the first issue mentioned while the other involved content delivery (like setting a profile picture).

To make things easier, Torres listed two solutions. One included making cloud-based identities OS primitives. According to Torres, this allows for them to be “universally accessible.” Meanwhile, the second involved expanding user content availability. In the post Torres went on to discuss other elements of SkyDrive.

Over more than a month now, Microsoft has been revealing more and more information concerning its still unreleased operating system (Windows 8). For more information, visit: