Microsoft Talks Multiple Screen Apps for Windows 8.1

Microsoft Talks Multiple Screen Apps for Windows 8.1(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Fresh off its Build conference, Microsoft on Tuesday further detailed the ability of Windows 8.1 to provide additional multitasking by letting users open up to 4 apps per screen.

Meanwhile, the company specifically addressed developers, whom it relies on, via a blog post.

“The most impactful change that the multi-tasking model brings to developers is that, in order to allow more flexibility in arranging the screen, apps are no longer confined to discrete view states like “snapped” or “filled.” Instead, your app can be put in any size from 500×768 pixels on up (apps can optionally support sizes as low as 320×768 pixels; see Guidelines for resizing windows to tall and narrow layoutsfor more info). Design your app to fluidly resize at all sizes and orientations,” Microsoft stated.

Microsoft is offering Windows 8.1 after the somewhat lackluster reception of its version 8 operating system.