Microsoft to China: Stop Using Pirated Software

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Tech giant Microsoft has a request for China: Stop using pirated versions of our programs. On Thursday, Bloomberg reported that the company asked the country’s government to stop four state-owned companies including China National Petroleum to cease using the illegally obtained software.

The petroleum company listed in Microsoft’s complaint had wid

espread unlicensed use of programs including Office and Windows Server that accounted for over 40% of the company’s actions. That statistic was according a source cited by Bloomberg.

Even more staggering were statistics related to China Railway, with Microsoft alleging that 97% of the company’s Windows server software remained unlicensed. However, that complaint was vigorously countered by the company itself. “We do not rule out the possibility some subsidiary units may have used unauthorized software, but it certainly is not such a large proportion,” said a representative in Bloomberg’s report.

China, as a country, has been noted for high amounts of pirated goods including software and other products.  Microsoft maintains that illegal use of software has an increasingly negative impact on the economy.