Microsoft: Windows 8.1 Goes Live Worldwide on Oct 18

Microsoft: Windows 8.1 Arriving Worldwide on Oct 18(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The release of Windows 8.1 appears to be just around the corner. Microsoft on Wednesday confirmed that the highly anticipated update would launch October 18th starting in New Zealand. Beginning then, the release will roll out worldwide.

Microsoft originally created version 8.1 as a direct response to criticisms regarding the Windows 8 operating system. The update is set to feature things like multi-screen apps, a return of the start button along with improvements for the Windows Store, SkyDrive (cloud), PC settings, Internet Explorer, apps and more.

“It’s very exciting to be delivering Windows 8.1 to consumers just before Windows 8 celebrates its 1-year anniversary. You can expect to read more from us on Windows 8.1 leading up to availability on October 18th!” commented Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc via a blog post.

The touch-centric Windows 8 hasn’t fared nearly as well as its predecessor, Windows 7. According to statistics unveiled by Netmarketshare last month, Windows 8 currently covers around 5.4% of the market while Windows 7 dominates at 44.49%.