Microsoft’s Back in Action After Mass Outage

Microsoft's Back in Action After Mass Outage(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – After a reported three days of downtime, Microsoft has finally succeeded in restoring its email service.

Via its Service Status page, the company noted the downtime resulted from a “failure in a caching service that interfaces with devices using Exchange ActiveSync, including most smart phones.”

Microsoft continued, “The failure caused these devices to receive an error and continuously try to connect to our service. This resulted in a flood of traffic that our services did not handle properly, with the effect that some customers were unable to access their email and unable to share their SkyDrive files via email. In order to stabilize the overall email service, we temporarily blocked access via Exchange ActiveSync. This allowed us to restore access to via the web and restore the sharing features of SkyDrive. These parts of the service were fully stabilized within a few hours of the initial incident. A significant backlog of Exchange ActiveSync requests accumulated as we worked to stabilize access. To avoid another flood of traffic, we needed to restore access to Exchange ActiveSync slowly, which meant that some customers remained impacted for a longer period of time.”

Meanwhile, the tech giant has thanked users for their patience and noted it had made changes to make sure such incidents don’t occur again.

Microsoft initially unveiled its browser-based client in July of last year, a move that allowed the company to transition away from using the “Hotmail” name.