Milicenso Trojan Causes Printer Paper Outages

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Have you ever seen your printer randomly start acting up, producing copies later than expected or as the result of an error? Well, an unexpected occurrence is taking shape globally as people find their printer devices creating copies of paper with what security company Symantec described as “garbage characteristics.”

The occurrence is the result of a virus known as “Trojan.Milicenso” and it causes the printer to complete its virus-instructed task until the device runs out of paper. The virus itself is a result of adware known as “Adware.Eorezo” and was initially discovered in 2010.

“Trojan.Milicenso may arrive on a compromised computer by various means, such as malicious email attachments or visiting websites hosting malicious scripts. The latter often unintentionally occurs when a user clicks a link in an unsolicited email. We have also encountered quite a large number of samples that appear to be packaged as a fake codec,” explained Symantec in a blog post.

Key regions the virus has affected include the United States, India along with parts South America and Europe. Interestingly enough, Symantec referred to the virus as “A Paper Salesman’s Dream Come True” in the title of its blog post. Meanwhile, the virus company has included virus signatures to successfully address the issue.