Minecraft 1.8 Update Adds New Underwater Dungeons and A New Mob, The Guardian

Minecraft 1.8 Update Adds New Underwater Dungeons and A New Mob, The Guardian(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Mojang has relesaed new details concerning the upcoming Minecraft 1.8 release, including a screenshot of a new mob.

The ferocious underwater creature, called The Guardian, watches over treasures and “The Elder Guardian” in the Water Dungeons, GameNGuide reports.

Players beware because The Guardian is able to attack those underwater as well as players in boats by firing a laser from his eye. The Elder Guardian’s attacks are similar, though he uses Mining Fatigue to strike players.

The best way to defeat these deadly mobs is to use a bow and arrow or a fishing pole to drag them offshore. Players will be rewarded with a variety of awards such as the new Prismarine block or fish.

Also included in the 14w25b snapshot is a new sponge texture and numerous bug fixes such as missing map textures, crashes when placing logs, trapdoor duplication, and missing barrier texture.

“This snapshot contains a few months worth of rewrites to some very important parts of the engine. It is very likely that this snapshot may be more unstable than usual, slower than usual, slightly more sentient than usual or just generally unusual,” writes Mojang’s “Dinnerbone” via blog post.

Check out the trailer below to see The Guardian in action.