Minecraft and Candy Crush Saga Dominate on the Apple App Store

Minecraft and Candy Crush Saga Dominate on the Apple App Store(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Apple released its “Best of 2013” charts for its iPhone and iPad apps yesterday, revealing Minecraft and Candy Crush Saga as the most downloads in the top paid and free app categories.

In the UK and U.S App Store, Minceraft: Pocket Edition dominated as the number one in-app purchase game, beating out apps such as Angry Birds, Traffic Racer, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The games success could be due to its popularity among children, even if it wasn’t intended to be a kid’s game, notes The Guardian.

“This wasn’t planned to be a kids game from the beginning, and it’s still not planned to be a kids game! It’s a happy accident,” stated Mojang’s business developer, Daniel Kaplan.

Meanwhile, Candy Crush Saga was the number one most downloaded free app on the iPhone and the number one paid app on the iPad.

The game’s developer, King, thinks its continuing popularity has to do with its frequent updates. “We add new content every two to three weeks. It allows you to play the whole saga in a new way.”

Apple releases its end of the year list on Monday, and includes categories such as books, movies, albums, and games.