Minecraft Anvil Block Tweaked with Snapshot 12w42a

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Minecraft developer Mojang unveiled its latest snapshot of the popular title on Tuesday, introducing a number of new tweaks.

“Releasing an early snapshot this week because we need to crunch out the pre-release as soon as possible,” the game creator emphasized via its blog.

The biggest change hits Minecraft’s Anvil block, which will now be more affordable for users to create. Players will also be able to use items including diamonds, wood and ingots to repair tools. Other minor visual charges are also in the mix.

It’s also now possible to hide IP addresses for a server when playing. Other tweaks include removing bats from trampling crops and triggering pressure plates, updated language files along with the ability to lock redstone repeaters.

Mojang, meanwhile, is expected to release its “pretty scary” update next Wednesday. The version prominently introduces new mob boss Wither, a three-headed ghostly figure. Minecraft has become increasingly popular in the past year, especially following its introduction via the Xbox 360.