Minecraft Creator Mojang Readies ‘Scrolls’ for Closed Alpha

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Mojang, the Swedish-based game developer behind the popular title Minecraft is readying its next big release for the closed alpha stage. The company described the release process in a blog post via scrolls.com on Monday.

In the game, users build card decks and make use of “scrolls” to perform special functions. Players take on one another via the battlefield in turn-based fashion with what could be described as medieval-like characters.

“We are rapidly approaching the closed alpha of Scrolls. Although this alpha version will be far from a feature complete version of the game, it will include multiplayer matches, single player matches vs AI and the Deck Builder, where you can build your decks out of the 100+ scrolls that currently exist in the game,” commented the company.

The game’s next destination following closed alpha? The company says it will launch an open beta as it gets closer to the game’s stable release.

Mojang also emphasized that Scrolls was far from complete in its current form and making it available was done for user feedback. “We will still have a big bag of goodies that we plan to include over time, such as an auction house where you may buy or sell scrolls from each other and additional features in the world such as character customization, items, quests and so on,” read the blog.

Detailing the release schedule came as the company revamped the game’s website (scrolls.com). Minecraft, also developed by Mojang has been making headlines throughout the gaming community. Shortly following its availability for the Xbox 360, the game quickly became the console’s best selling live arcade title.