Minecraft Denmark Replica Vandalized By Cyber Hackers

Minecraft Denmark Replica Vandalized By Cyber Hackers(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A Denmark replica made inside of Minecraft has been invaded by what seems to be American “cyber vandals.”

According to a report from the BBC, hackers defaced the virtual replica of the European country by destroying buildings with dynamite and posting American flags around the city.

“Only a minor area was destroyed,” said chief press officer at the Danish Geodata Agency, Chris Hammeken, who believes the hackers vandalized to attract attention.

“The flags actually appeared right where the players start, so I think the people who put them there wanted to gain as much attention as possible.”

When the Minecraft city was first built by the Danish Geodata Agency, they banned the use of dynamite from the servers, though the hackers found a way to detonate it by hiding it in mining carts.

“It was the players who cleaned up the damage, replacing it with green grass and flowers the following morning,” added Hammeken.

The agency created the replica last month as a way to teach local children about the town and design skills.

“We’ve discovered children are more motivated to learn when they see something they’re familiar with.”

The virtual city has been downloaded over 220,000 times since the beginning of this month.