‘Minecraft’ Fantasy Texture Pack Now Available For Xbox 360

'Minecraft' Fantasy Texture Pack Now Available For Xbox 360(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Last week, 4J Studios hinted about the release of a “secret” Minecraft texture pack, which is now available for users.

On Wednesday, 4J Studios announced via Twitter that The Fantasy Texture Pack would be available on Xbox Live, causing an uproar of excitement by Twitter users.

“Presenting the Fantasy texture pack. Let your imagination run free, transport yourselves to a time where Knights were heroes and legends were born. Why not create your own medieval empire?,” states the pack’s description.

The texture pack adds a new medieval setting to the game, with the addition of “castle-inspired stone textures, torches that look like wax candles, and armored creepers,” reports Examiner.

The Fantasy Texture Pack is now available to download from Xbox Live Arcade for $1.