Minecraft Finally Arrives for Xbox One Consoles

Minecraft Finally Arrives for Xbox One Consoles(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The popular sandbox game, Minecraft, is now available for the Xbox One via digital download and a physical disc version.

Minecraft players can purchase the game for $19.99 for new users and for $4.99 for current players upgrading to the new version.

With the new versions players will be able to create worlds up to 36 times bigger than those on the Xbox 360.

“Minecraft fans can easily transfer their Xbox 360 creations and most of their downloadable content to the Xbox One Edition and play in up to 36 times larger worlds,” says Microsoft. “And, with the widest range of downloadable content on console, players will never run out of new worlds to explore with four player split-screen on one console or up to eight players over Xbox Live.”

The block building game was released in September for a digital download and in November for the physical disc, which can be purchased at various retailers.

Last week a new Star Wars skin pack was released for both Xbox versions, adding 55 new skins form Star Wars Episodes IC through VI.