Minecraft Hits 1.3 Prerelease, Video Contest Unveiled

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Minecraft version 1.3 prerelease was made available by game creator Mojang today, introducing a variety of new features to the popular game title. Meanwhile, the final version will become available via updates on the game launcher beginning the first of next month.

Mojang discussed the prelease via its website on Thursday.

The game has considerably changed since version 1.2.5. A new key feature lets the game’s operation in single-player to operate off an internal server.  Another is the implementation of LAN compatibility, allowing for access to the single-player server via the connectivity platform.

Other changes include a new bonus chest, tripwire, the ability to trade with villagers, new ways to gain enchantment orbs, emeralds as currency, a new Ender chest, client-side commands via cheats, letting users place stairs and levers upside down and more.

Mojang also has a way to allow hardcore Minecraft fans to share their love for the new version. The game developer has created a video contest in which users are asked to showcase key features of version 1.3 in a 30 second commercial using the prerelease version. Three winners will be selected and Mojang will feature those via its YouTube channel next Wednesday. The deadline to create commercials is on July 31 at 3PM pacific standard time.

The game title has become increasingly popular since its initial alpha release in 2009. Minecraft users survive in a 3D cubed world by constructing shelters, gathering resources and fighting off monsters. In May, a version of the game was made available for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console. You can find Mojang’s video contest instructions below (posted on the game developer’s YouTube channel):