Minecraft isn’t Planning on Shutting Down in 10 Years

Minecraft isn't Planning on Shutting Down in 10 Years(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Many rumors have been floating around the Internet claiming Minecraft will be shutting down in 10 years, but this is not the case, Markus “Notch” Persson confirms.

In a recent interview with the Rolling Stones magazine, Persson talked about a 10 year plan for his staff if Mojang doesn’t continue to make money, which many interpreted it differently.

“Hopefully, we are going to keep making money at Mojang, but if we don’t, that’s fine. We just have 10 fun years, and then, the last year, we’d say to our employees, ‘If we don’t make any money this year, Mojang is going to be dead.  So you might want to look for new jobs,” said Notch.

Since then, he has posted a series of tweets clearing up the confusion for worried fans:

“This article is weirdly angled. I meant we’re saving money so that from the day we don’t make a profit, we’ll survive another ten years.”

“I don’t see how we’d stop making money any time soon at the rate things are going…”

And lastly he wrote,” So basically, we’ve got money saved to have ten more years to come up with a new project, without making a single cent in that time.”

The original version of Minecraft has sold over 15 million copies while its Android and iOS Pocket Edition has reached over 21 million copies worldwide.