Minecraft Maker Faces Repeat Pressure

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Sure, Minecraft is probably the top game in the universe right now. Look no further than the title’s massive sales as proof – over 10 million have bought the PC version; and that doesn’t include copies sold for Xbox 360 and pocket editions.

But for developer Mojang, continued success makes things especially challenging. The subject was recently touched upon by Minecraft maker Markus Persson via a profile by the New Yorker.

Persson referred to Minecraft as a “freak thing.” “There’s no way you could replicate it intentionally. And yes, I’m starting to feel writer’s block as a result. I’m not sure if it’s pressure to repeat…Actually, it is the pressure to repeat. And with Minecraft it was just easier, because nobody knew who I was,” he commented, according to the New Yorker.

So what does Mojang have up its sleeve? Enter Scrolls – a playable card game that was expected to hit beta sometime this month. In the title, users pull scrolls, receive special abilities in turn-based fashion against one another. Watch a trailer below: