Minecraft Maker’s ‘Cobalt’ Game Arriving for Xbox One, 360

Minecraft Maker’s ‘Cobalt’ Game Arriving for Xbox One, 360(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Minecraft developer Mojang on Wednesday revealed that the game Colbalt would arrive for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles, an announcement that initially made during this week’s Gamescom convention in Germany.

“Cobalt is a game about cyborgs, weapons and super slow-mo evasive manoeuvres, including combat rolls, rail slides, rocket punches and wall jumps,” explained Mojang in a post via its blog on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, developer Pontus Hammarberg noted it had “been obvious that the game would  feel right at home on a console” since development on Colbalt began.

While availability its set to hit Microsoft’s gaming consoles, the title has been available for a while via PC download. To successfully port the game via the console platform, Mojang worked with FatShark AB.