Minecraft Player Creates Functioning In-Game 3D Printer

Minecraft Player Creates Functioning In-Game 3D Printer(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Minecraft is known for having some very creative players. For example, one player created a functioning 3D printer within the actual game.

ItsJustJumby’s 3D printer allows players to choose from 16 different wool colors. After the colors have been chosen, the wool should be placed in a line of chests along the wall that design the object.

“Any place that we want an air block, we place glass. There are 10 chests, 1 for each layer of the object,” describes ItsJustJumby in his YouTube video.

Once the chests have been filled with wool, players must push the “print” button to begin the printing. The complete time it takes to make an object is one minute, states a report from Cinema Blend.

Once players are finished admiring their design, they can hit the “clear” button and start all over again.

According to ItsJustJumby, the printer is composed of 846 repeaters, 1,124 hoppers, 9,181 comparators, 10,539 pieces of redstone dust, and 20,103 command blocks.

To see the YouTube video click here and to download the link to the free printer click here.