Minecraft Review: Xbox 360 VS PC Version

minecraft360(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – You’ve probably heard the hype along with the rave reviews. But if you’re looking to get into the world of Minecraft, you may wonder: Which version should I take a go at?

During the past couple years, the game has been at the forefront of the gaming universe, with versions covering PC and Xbox 360. But there, however, is an obvious difference between the two. Here’s what we know:

-Player Mods: This is a feature you’ll find prominent for Minecraft’s PC version. However, it’s nowhere to be found on the Xbox. More customization over the game is something we definitely prefer.

-World size: You’ll find the world of Minecraft in the PC version very large. On Xbox, you’re limited with borders.

-Updates: Minecraft for PC appears to be updated more by Mojang. Although 4J is pretty good at pushing out new features for 360 as well.

-Gameplay: Gameplay for the 360 version is likely to be smoother as compared to graphics on the PC. Not surprising.

-Multiplayer:  On Xbox 360, you’ll find that multiplayer allows split screen, something not available in the PC version. On 360, there’s also no need for server creation, something necessary for the PC. There, however, is an 8 player limit for the Xbox version while Minecraft for PC allows more.