Minecraft Snapshot 12w37a Adds Jumping Pig Rides

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Minecraft developer Mojang unveiled a few changes to the popular game on Thursday, introducing its latest snapshot for players to download.

While the company’s Jens Bergensten admitted there wasn’t too much to talk about in the new release known as 12w37a, there were indeed some interesting revisions, one of which makes evil mobs “more fearless” when the user is playing the game under difficulty that’s set at hard.

Most other changes appear to be visual and include revising the plural term “carrots” to singular, now just “carrot.” Other changes one might notice include a “non-dyed layer” for leather armor, tweaks to item sprites and wither. Also, as usual, there are some bug fixes.

And if you’re a fan of riding pigs, things just got a bit more compelling. Hold on tight. Pigs will now jump during the action.

Minecraft has become increasingly popular in the last year. It’s a game that allows users to survive in a 3D world by constructing shelters, gathering resources and fending off monsters. An Xbox 360 version of the title hit the market in May.