Minecraft Snapshot 13w19a Adds Spawning Group Mobs

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The latest snapshot from Minecraft arrived one day late on Friday as game developer Mojang recognized Ascension Day in Sweden.

“It’s Monday, and all of us have our perception of time thrown off from the recent mid-week-holidays,” stated the company via its blog.

Changes for snapshot 13w19a include new stained hardened clay, the return of mobs spawning as groups, new textures for charcoal, coal block and Lapis Lazuli along with providing access to donkey and mule inventories by interacting and speech.

Users interested in testing the snapshot can access it via links provided on Mojang’s blog here (mojang.com) using the launcher.

Meanwhile, some bug fixes have also been corrected.

Minecraft has increasingly become popular, in recent years spreading to platforms including the Xbox 360 and mobile.