Minecraft Snapshot 13w25a Loaded with Bug Fixes

minecraftPZ1(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Mojang released its latest updates for Minecraft on Monday in the form of snapshot 13w25a, a patch that features plenty of bug fixes.

“Bug fixes. Fug bixes. Whatever you want to call them, we have them! Get your hot fresh Bug Fixes here! Big ones, small ones, fun ones or annoying ones; We have it all! Get them while they’re fixed! Special discount, 50% more bugs fixed with each bug fix! You can’t miss out on this amazing deal!” stated the developer via a blog post.

Meanwhile, the numerous fixes correct things like 3D anaglyph biome color corruption, the ability to create a scoreboard objective without a name, resource packs not being effective until after restart, a couple crashes and more.

To view a post from Mojang regarding the latest snapshot, go here (Mojang.com). Those interested in downloading the snapshot will need to use the new launcher.