Minecraft Snapshot 13w37a Released

Minecraft Snapshot 13w37a Released(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Game developer Mojang on Thursday revealed its latest snapshot in the form of 13w37a for Minecraft PC edition.

While the company didn’t specifically get into what all the snapshot included (simply saying it fixed “bugs” and added “stuff”), Mojang did warn users not to run the new snapshot on existing worlds unless they wanted to “run into chuck errors.”

“There is a known issue with world structures such as Nether Fortresses not transitioning to 1.7 from 1.6, but loading these areas in the new pre-release 1.6.3 and then going to snapshot 13w37b (or later) should fix this,” commented the company on its website.

Accessing the new snapshot is made available through the game launcher and by creating a new profile.

Minecraft is one of the top selling PC games, recently accounting for more than 12 million copies sold.